Thank you for your donation!

Support Da Vinci Academy

Da Vinci Academy relies on the generosity of those in both the school and greater community to bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating the students.  Through our Annual Campaign (launched in the fall) and the Annual Benefit Auction (held in the spring), donors are able to support DVA in meaningful ways.  It is the expectation of the school that the different stakeholder constituencies - board of trustees, administration, faculty and staff, families, and community members - will participate in the campaign at whatever giving level is appropriate so that we reach 100% participation by all stakeholders.  This 100% participation commitment supports the school's efforts to grow the development platform to include foundations, local businesses, and gifted advocacy groups - all of which inquire about the level of support by the DVA community to determine whether or not to demonstrate support for a particular organization.  We appreciate how our families partner with us to make Da Vinci Academy their personal giving priority year after year.  

Everyday ways to give back

Da Vinci Academy will occasionally host additional fundraisers through the Parent Association such as No-Cook Nights at local restaurants, Fast-Funds, and other seasonal ordering opportunities.  We encourage you to watch for these fundraisers and participate as you are able.  For more information about the DVA Parent Association (PA) click here.