The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) has a guide to Board operations, principles and responsibilities. 

Please click HERE to view this information and learn more about the Board's role in an independent school.

Da Vinci Academy is an independent school and a non-profit 501c(3) organization governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. 

Decision-making at the highest level resides with the Board.  The Board focuses particularly on long-term planning, managing the school's financial health, and evaluating the Head of School.

The Da Vinci Academy Board of Trustees meets monthly during the school year and periodically over the summer.  Board committees, whose membership includes non-trustees, meet on a regular basis.  Board membership is balanced between current and alumni parents, and external community members.  New trustees are researched, nominated, and voted upon for membership based on the Board's need for particular expertise such as education, law, finance, marketing, technology, and development.

Jeff Martin, President

Laura Guttman, Vice President

Robert Heise, Secretary & Treasurer
Deb Butcher,

Ashwani Garg

Ron Glogovsky

Christy Magerkurth

Matt Sidman

Donna Werderich

Rachel Zahn

Da Vinci Academy
Board of Trustees