Families enroll at Da Vinci Academy seeking the right academic fit for their children.  For some families that means coming to Da Vinci after not finding a good fit in public school or other environments.  For others, it means starting at Da Vinci Academy in Pre-K or Kindergarten because they know early on that their children will need a more challenging program.  Delivering a quality program that meets our students' needs is a balance that combines what we teach, who teaches it, and how they teach it.

This section of the website includes an overview of our academic structure, an introduction to the outstanding and highly experienced teachers, curriculum overviews, and other information about what a family can expect from the classroom experience at Da Vinci Academy.

Our program is organized into three divisions.  Early Childhood includes half-day PreK-3, PreK-4, Kindergarten, and First Grade.  Lower School covers grades 2-5, and Middle School covers grades 6-8.  Across all the grade levels, our specials classes are Art, Music & Performing Arts, Spanish, Technology, and Physical Education.

Gifted and academically talented students in Pre-K through 8th grade enjoy an authentic, challenging, and relevant curriculum while developing well-rounded and socially responsible individuals. Our experienced faculty create a nurturing environment where children realize their full academic and personal potential. Overall, the curriculum is accelerated and enriched one grade-level ahead as a starting point.  Many students work beyond that level of acceleration, but not every student is necessarily a year ahead in every subject area.  While working at an advanced level is important, we also stress depth of study.  We challenge our students to think deeply about topics, to make connections across subject areas, to ask higher-level questions, and to embrace the learning process.

The program provides the advantages of small classes and challenging academics in a well-rounded curriculum, along with a philosophy that allows teachers to work with students at different levels according to their interests, talents, and learning styles.  Differentiation is a key component of the Da Vinci Academy program because it gives our students the freedom to be challenged appropriately, to build well-rounded skills, and to reach their full intellectual potential.  Students are challenged to become creative thinkers, problem-solvers, and good communicators.

Da Vinci Academy is divided into three divisions: