digital sex

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A new sexual orientation, digisexuality, is likely to emerge in the near future. The conducted research proves that the era of immersion in digital sex has already come. And the development in this field is rapid, more and more users will begin to use them, resulting in a whole type of so-called digisexuals for whom sex won’t be possible without digital technologies. At the same time, such sex-robots will be able to fully meet those sex needs which are not acceptable for most people.

There is no doubt that full-fledged sex androids are on the way. People will build close ties with their robot partners and will come to the use of robots as the main method of sexual practice. Researchers have identified two waves of digital sexuality. The first is when technology can be used to meet sexual needs with other people. For these purposes, they used both instant messengers, online games of the video call program, and technologies specifically designed for sex at a distance. We have already experienced the first wave, now it is time for the second wave associated with robots. At the same time, researchers even predict the appearance of animal robots for people who are attracted to animals.
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