Teledildonics – Cure for Relations on Distance

Teledildonics – this term refers to the use of information technologies for sex at a distance, allowing both partners to feel both temperature and touch using a two-way communication line controlled by voice, text messages (tags) or video recording. Simply put, this is a sex gadget that delivers physical pleasure that can be controlled using your PC.

In general, you can do this in real time, or record everything that happens on video, and then later send the video over the Internet to your partner. The term “teledildonics” was first proposed in 1975 by Ted Nielsen, a philosopher, and a pioneer in the field of information technology. Today there are several products for the implementation of teledildonics, which at the same time are divided into several categories. Some of the gadgets look, to put it mildly, unattractive and more like futuristic devices than sex toys.

Advantages of Sex Gadgets

Typically such devices work on batteries with a quite low charge. But despite this, they have one big plus – they give people who are forced to be far from each other for one reason or another, the opportunity to have sex. Moreover, the give an opportunity for single people to feel the physical pleasure of virtual touch and reach orgasm at the same time. Unlike a real partner, sex gadgets never get tired!

Gadgets for Women and Men

Perhaps in the near future, there will be more toys for women, but at the moment the most popular is a vibrator with a stimulator for the clitoris and the G point (Rabbit Vibrator). With it, a virtual partner can either caress the clitoris or just have vaginal sex.

To date, the most common gadget for men is a vacuum device, similar to a black and red telescope, which should be sold with a small microprocessor. This gadget allows you to virtually engage in oral sex. Also, there is a widespread sex gadget that allows you to feel both the temperature of the partner’s body and physical touches. Although it is rather difficult to take care of this device, many men, as well as women, prefer it, since it can be used to achieve an orgasm without using hands.

Finally, it should be noted that the desire to diversify your sex life is certainly the right thing to do but it is better not to get obsessed with it and, most importantly, always know when to stop.

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