Addiction to Sexual Fantasies

You can call someone addicted to sex when intimate pleasures become the main and dominating part of one’s life. Everything around in the person’s life becomes all about sex and peta jensen vr , thoughts, readings, dreams, conversations and all of the things that concern relationships. It is quite similar to the situations of addiction to gambling and shopaholism as people who are sexually addicted often show manic-obsessive behavior and way of thinking. And while the problem develops the desire to communicate with people starts to depend on the only fact, whether the person is a sexual object or not and such ill perception of the reality won’t bring you anything good.

Similar to other addicts, sexual addicts fall victims to the influence of endorphins, which makes people act obsessively, risk and even break the law. Nevertheless, it would be correct to note that just a part of sexually addicted people can be considered deviants or maniacs. Such problems often lead to aggressive behavior, rapid changes in mood, and depression.

Psychiatrists identify 12 behavioral patterns that can be considered signs of sex addiction:

1. Obsessive masturbation;

2. Numerous sexual relationships and extramarital sexual relations;

3. Incompetence in sexual partners, frequent one-night relationships;

4. Obsessive use and viewing of pornographic materials;

5. Sex with unfamiliar partners without using contraceptives and protection against STDs;

6. Telephone sex, constant “hanging” on sexual forums on the Internet and social networks; 7. Frequent use of prostitutes or gigolo;

8. Exhibitionism;

9. Obsessive acquaintances through electronic and ordinary dating services;

10. Voyeurism (watching other people having sex);

11. Sexual harassment;

12. A propensity for sexual violence and insults on sexual grounds.

If a person’s behavior satisfies at least four of the above-mentioned symptoms, then he is most likely sexually addicted.

Sexual Addiction and How to Fix It?

The absolute majority of sexually dependent people are confident in the fact that they are okay and don’t require treatment. This is why convincing the person with such problem that the problem exists is the first thing to do. Unfortunately, very often only a strong shock – loss of work, family, serious health problems – can make the patient face the fact that he is sick. To help the person, it’s better to use various kinds of therapy.

Group classes provide the best results, ideally if the patient’s friends and close ones participate in such groups. In severe cases, when obsessive behavior takes place, doctors use strong antidepressants, for example, Prozac. It is necessary to understand that, on contrary to gambling, problems with alcohol, and other heavy addictions, there is no need for the patient to completely stop his sex life. And that is what inspires optimism.

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