3D Avatars for Sex and Relationships

The virtual reality which was nothing more than another sci-fi movie idea about a decade ago is now developing and finding more and more applications in various spheres of our lives. 3D virtual sex and virtual relationships are not an exception.

Even though this field is not developed enough at the moment there are already a lot of companies willing to become pioneers of this industry. Millions of dollars are put into R&D of the 3D avatars and virtual reality sexual relations and by the year 2025, the VR is expected to have over 1 billion dollars of investments.

What is actually meant by having sex with 3D avatars in virtual reality? Basically, there is a number of companies that are developing whole VR worlds with digital versions of pornstars and anime(hentai) characters, where it would be possible to enjoy the digital version of sex or even have a 3D virtual relationship.

The main thing that differs 3D virtual sex or a 3D virtual relationship and simply watching some good old porn is the possibility of experiencing almost the same feelings as if you were having sex. Right now the same companies which are pouring money into the R&D of virtual reality are also researching the possibilities of various sex-toys which while connected to your computer will simulate the actions of your 3D sex avatar.

It is quite a possibility that 3D avatars for sex, virtual reality sex, and 3D relationships are becoming a way to satisfy all of the sexual demands of the user. However, virtual reality can also become a place for sexual deviants or simply people with vile intentions which is rather scary when you think about it.

At the moment such sexual practices as having a sexual relationship with 3D sex avatars are considered a paraphilia – atypical sexual practices, like fetishism or voyeurism – because “digisexuals” as they are called, may have problems in communicating with other people. This is not something to be surprised about as such people won’t have real experience of how it’s done with real people or having a real-life relationship.

But the participants of the SexTech Hackathon forum, which was held last summer in New York, agreed that almost every one of us will be “a little bit of a digisexual in the future.” According to sex-futurist’s forecasts, by 2028 more than a quarter of young people using different devices will have sex with their partners at a distance from each other, and by 2045 one of ten will have a sexual experience with a humanoid robot.

Jokes aside there already exist human-like sex-dolls which are super-expensive but are hyper-realistic and can even simulate the sounds a real person would make. Even though this is not the android sex toys which are so popular to dream about, that future is now not that cloudy as it used to be.

Right now 3D avatars for sex and relationships are becoming more and more interesting for the wide audience and will surely become a real thing soon enough. Even though there are definite disadvantages, the number of ways for the technologies as 3D sex avatars or virtual reality sex can be used is huge. Who knows, maybe someday the “all-inclusive” package in a hotel will also have virtual reality sex tools or a full-scale sex android.

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