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You can call someone addicted to sex when intimate pleasures become the main and dominating part of one’s life. Everything around in the person’s life becomes all about sex, thoughts, readings, dreams, conversations and all of the things that concern relationships. It is quite similar to the situations of addiction to gambling and shopaholism as…

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In the current age of scientific development when such technologies as VR and robotics progress with shocking speed, people don’t stop thinking about satisfying their own simple needs for sex or sexual satisfaction. Prostitution which was considered the oldest profession of all might be replaced completely by the same thing performed by androids (human-like robots)…

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Teledildonics – this term refers to the use of information technologies for sex at a distance, allowing both partners to feel both temperature and touch using a two-way communication line controlled by voice, text messages (tags) or video recording. Simply put, this is a sex gadget that delivers physical pleasure that can be controlled using…

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