I am so pleased that you have decided to learn more about Da Vinci Academy.  The process of evaluating all of the educational options for your child can be overwhelming; it is my hope that your experience with us will allow you to see clearly why we are the best place for your gifted learner.  From small class sizes to enriched curriculum and authentic learning, your child will benefit from the experience of our talented, accomplished teachers and intentional community designed for gifted students. 

The best way to get a sense of this is to visit the campus for a guided tour where you will have an opportunity to see the facility, meet our teachers, observe our students in the classroom, and learn more about what makes Da Vinci Academy special.  Or, consider attending an upcoming Open House - a great opportunity to hear from the Head of School, speak with the teachers, and see the campus.  Check out the front page of the website for dates and times.

As the first point of contact for families, I take pride in introducing you to Da Vinci Academy and hope you will take a moment to arrange a visit.  There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Phone at 847-841-7532 x 226
  2. Email by clicking here.
  3. Request Information here.

I look forward to working with you and your family as you navigate the admissions process.  

Amanda Davey

Director of Admissions