For the 2014-2015 school year:

  • Half-Day PK3: $7,840 
  • Pre-K: $13,725
  • Kindergarten: $14,950
  • Grades 1-8: $17,565
  • New Student Fee: $750 (for the first student) / $250 (for each additional student per family)

Tuition includes the cost of day field trips

Approximately 80% of the school's budget is invested in personnel to maintain an experienced faculty who provide Da Vinci students with the best possible education

After completing the application process, the school will notify the family of the admission decision.  If a student is accepted for admission, a 10% tuition deposit is due upon signing an enrollment contract.  Families have three payment options during the school year for the remaining balance (Single Payment, Three Payments, Ten Monthly Payments).

Families are also responsible for purchasing school uniform tops through Land's End, paying for any hot lunches/milks they choose to have, paying for any before/after school care they use, buying school supplies, and overnight field trips.

Value for the Tuition

At Da Vinci Academy we are dedicated to providing families with value for tuition paid.  Families choose independent schools for a variety of reasons: small class sizes, safe environment, high-quality teachers and excellent academic programs.  Parents know that these things improve a child's educational experience and subsequently, their lives.   Da Vinci Academy families find value in discovering a place where their children are intellectually challenged, socially secure, emotionally nurtured, and encouraged to pursue their strengths and potential.

The long-term value of a Da Vinci Academy education is confirmed by the success of our alumni.  Graduates are desirable students for any high school program: public schools, independent schools, boarding schools, or programs such as the Illinois Math & Science Academy in Aurora.  Our graduates now in college are thriving at select schools. 


Financial Aid

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We understand the educational value of a school community that includes students with a variety of economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. As a result, we are committed to accepting qualified candidates, regardless of financial circumstances. In order to fulfill this commitment, we offer need-based financial aid to those families who qualify.  Each year 30% of our students receive a financial aid award.  Of those, the average aid award is 50% of the total tuition cost.  

To determine a family's need for financial aid, Da Vinci Academy uses School and Student Services (SSS) by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).

Please Note:
To receive first consideration for 2014-15 aid, families must complete the PFS and submit a copy of the 2013 tax return by March 14, 2014.

Families submit an online Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) to SSS, along with copies of appropriate tax and income documents.  SSS reviews the PFS to calculate what the family can afford to pay in tuition.  The SSS report assists the school's financial aid committee in determining a family's need and how much financial aid can be provided.  Aid is awarded as a grant for a one-year period.  Families requesting aid must apply each school year.

Families can apply for aid online at SSS has a toll-free Helpline at 800-344-8328.

The Value of a Da Vinci Education

I would not be where I am today were it not for the faith and determination the teachers at Da Vinci put in me. I felt invisible, like a ghost, in public school but was able to realize my potential at Da Vinci. Da Vinci was always so flexible, accessible, and creative; I really appreciated that.

- Corianne Holmes, Class of 2004