Parent Testimonials

Comments from current and former parents about what distinguishes Da Vinci Academy from other schools, and what their experiences have been in the school:

"Courtney is doing amazingly well at Taft (a co-ed boarding school in Connecticut).  I credit everyone at Da Vinci with helping Courtney.  She was well prepared as she entered one of the most challenging academic institutions in the country."

"Our daughter started in Kindergarten, and obviously we've been very happy because we've been back for seven years in a row.  It's a wonderful environment.  A place for her to grow, a place for her to be mentored, a place to create friendships, and really become the academic person and child she is meant to be."

"Da Vinci is a special place for many reasons.  The small class size is important because it allows the educational product to be specialized to the needs of the child.  The learning styles are different for each of my children, and I feel that Da Vinci has been brilliant in understanding that and adapting the classroom situation to help each child maximize their learning potential."

"Da Vinci Academy offers us an environment where our child is accepted for who he is.  He came from a different school where his intense curiosity was ignored and his strengths were not nurtured.  At Da Vinci, he feels relaxed and accepted.  We like that the school atmosphere is friendly and caring."

"I think the biggest draws to Da Vinci were the small class sizes, which give the teachers the ability to respond more individually to the needs of each child.  I think there is a higher level of commitment on the part of the teachers and they have the ability to recognize the needs of kids that need more challenge and stimulation."

"When first faced with the understanding of my child as gifted, I didn't know what to do, where to go for more information, or how to find an environment in which he would thrive.  Reading on the subject indicated the benefits of being with other gifted kids, feeling less 'different.'  Visiting the school sealed it.  It's clean, bright and every room is a buzz of activity.  You can see the excitement in the older kids' faces.  The teachers speak with passion and commitment."

"Da Vinci Academy differs so much more than our experience in the public school system.  Some of the differences are measurable and some are just intuitive (as a parent) of things I see come out in Danny that never would have in his old classroom environment.  My #1 reason that any parent should consider the school is it raises the bar.  Getting by or being average is not the goal.  The kids become enthusiastic learners and the atmosphere feeds on itself and spreads throughout the students.  All of a sudden it's 'cool' to study, learn, and dream.  We are so happy to have found this school."

"The philosophy of the school and teachers helps my son evolve in a way, I doubt, could be achieved in a public school."

"We appreciate the availability of the teachers to us as parents, and their responsiveness when needs and concerns arise."

"It is the way in which the kids are taught that makes a difference.  Because of class size they are allowed to delve deeper into a subject or able to look at it in several different ways before going on to the next step.  It's so important to grasp something versus touching on it and speeding to the next step."

"Luke was so unhappy in public school, but within 2 weeks at Da Vinci he was smiling again."

"We have been looking for a place where our children fit in and feel accepted.  We believe we have found it.  Our boys are happy now and making friends.  As a mom, I have never had a support system for myself.  In Da Vinci, I believe I have found that as well."