Admissions Process & Requirements

Da Vinci Academy seeks to enroll intellectually gifted and talented students in grades Pre-K to 8.  Our families talk about the joy of finding the "right fit" here at Da Vinci Academy, and our curriculum and school environment can be a good match for a variety of students.  We invite interested families to contact us and begin a conversation about what our school has to offer and how our program may fit the needs of your child.

As a school for gifted and talented students, Da Vinci Academy has requirements for admission and a specific process that families must complete.  Choosing the right school is a major decision that families make, and similarly for the school, it is important to admit students who will be successful in our learning environment.  The primary goal for both sides is to determine the right match between the student and our program, so therefore a careful and cooperative effort between families and the school is needed to serve the best interest of each applicant.

The following steps outline the admissions process and requirements:

1. Families schedule a one-on-one tour with the Director of Admissions, or attend one of the Open House tours scheduled throughout the year.  This initial visit can be just for the parents, or they may bring the child/children with them.  During the tour, the Director of Admissions will explain the next steps, the application materials, and other requirements.

2. Families wishing to apply for admission will receive the application materials and may begin filling those out and returning them to the school.  There is a $50 non-refundable application fee due when submitting the application.

3. For students entering grades 1-8, IQ test results are required as part of the admissions process.  The IQ results are a helpful measure of cognitive ability and potential, and we look for Full Scale scores of 125 and above on the Wechsler (WISC) test.  IQ results are not the sole indicator of a student's ability to succeed in our program, however, so we consider all aspects of the applicant's qualifications when making admissions decisions.  Applicants with Full Scale WISC scores below 125 will be considered case-by-case with consideration given to the other factors that indicate a child's ability to succeed in our school.

The school may ask families to complete additional testing or evaluations (at the family's expense) if there are other issues or factors that need to be considered when reviewing the student's qualifications.

Families can submit results and documentation from a previous IQ test, or schedule testing by contacting one of Da Vinci Academy's recommended IQ testers.  IQ testing is not required for applicants to Pre-K or Kindergarten, although families are welcome to have kids tested at age 4-5 using the WPPSI version of the WISC.  In the absence of IQ results, the Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers will observe and evaluate applicants during the full-day class visit to help determine the child's skill level and readiness for our program.

4. The Director of Admissions and the appropriate teacher(s) will coordinate with the family to arrange for the applicant to have a classroom visit.  Candidates for PK4 through 8th grade are expected to visit for at least one full school day.  Candidates for PK3 are generally scheduled to do two half-days.

5. After all the application materials, test results, and class visits are completed, the Admissions Committee will review the application and decide whether an enrollment contract will be offered.

6. Families are notified of the admissions decision.  If an enrollment contract is offered, families must return the signed contract and a 10% tuition deposit to secure the enrollment spot.  Families may apply for need-based financial aid.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Da Vinci Academy policies do not allow discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, disability, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its admissions, employment or academic policies, or any school administrative programs.