Da Vinci Academy seeks to enroll intellectually gifted and talented students in grades Pre-K to 8.  Our families talk about the joy of finding the "right fit" here at Da Vinci Academy, and our curriculum and school environment can be a good match for a variety of students.  We invite interested families to contact us and begin a conversation about what our school has to offer and how our program may fit the needs of your child.

As a school for gifted and talented students, Da Vinci Academy has requirements for admission and a specific process that families must complete.  Choosing the right school is a major decision that families make, and similarly for the school, it is important to admit students who will be successful in our learning environment.  The primary goal for both sides is to determine the right match between the student and our program, so therefore a careful and cooperative effort between families and the school is needed to serve the best interest of each applicant.

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