Computers and Technology Pratt , D Border

Doug Pratt, with Da Vinci Academy since 2013

Phone: 847-841-7532 ext 225

Mr. Pratt's Degrees Held
B.A. in Education, University of Michigan
M.A. in Mathematics, Washington University, St. Louis

Other Teaching Experience & Training:
Mathematics Teacher, McHenry Alternative H.S
Head Master McHenry Alternative H.S.
H. S. Mathematics Teacher, Alternative Community School, Ithaca N. Y.
Head Master DuPage Community School, Downers Grove, IL
Lego Robotics Coach (part time) Da Vinci Academy

I have long been a proponent of child centered learning. This leads to individualized instruction and a preference for project-based learning. While this requires additional planning and organization on my part, the results are certainly worth the extra effort. I enjoy challenging students and encouraging teamwork. My work with the Da Vinci Academy Lego Robotics teams exemplifies many of my educational values by promoting teamwork, challenging students, encouraging problem solving and friendly competition.

What to Expect in Computer and Technology Classes
Computers and other technologies have become a ubiquitous part of our world and will only expand their presence in the future. Our children need to learn to use these tools to successfully engage their future. My responsibility is to ensure that our students are not only prepared to do that in the present but have developed flexibility to adapt to the inevitable changes in the field of technology. My experience in the business world has influenced my views on teaching. I've become more focused on practical applications of technology and academics. It has also increased my understanding of the importance of meeting deadlines and careful planning.

Computer Technology classes, STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Project-based learning, Proficiency with commonly used technology, and Computer Programming

Although I will use quizzes and tests to evaluate student achievement, my emphasis will be on the product of students' learning. I will be focused on project based learning as the primary method for student achievement. My goal is to produce independent learners who can identify valued educational goals and make their own plans on how to achieve them.

How to Help Your Child Be Successful
Many of my students will be engaged in individual learning projects. Many of those projects will bring the student in contact with the world outside of school. Parental support and involvement will be critical to their success. I plan to allow parents access to the child's project plans so they can discover where they can best help their child.