Karyl Shields, with Da Vinci Academy since 2005

"Through the study and making of art  we learn what it means to be fully human."

Phone: 847-841-7532 ext 239

Ms. Shield's Degrees Held
B.A. in Art from Columbia College
M.S. in Art Education from Northern Illinois University

Professional Associations
Illinois Art Education Association
National Art Education Association

Other Teaching Experience & Training
25 years as a graphic designer and fine artist participating in local shows that support land conservation

There are and have been many ideas of the importance of art within a student's whole education. I believe one of the most rewarding aspects of art education is its ability to teach a student how to be creative. Creativity is necessary to enjoy a rewarding life. Creativity requires inspiration, passion for work, and persistence. It requires a love for beauty, change, the problematic, and play. In addition, the creative understands the importance of history as it applies to universal truths and their ability to organize one's thoughts and actions in a positive manner. My goal is to instill some of these qualities within your student.

What to expect in Art class
Students meet once or twice a week for 40 minutes. Students can expect to be challenged to search and respond to new ideas, to master mediums to the best of their ability, to develop efficiency with their time, and to find the meaning, story, and purpose behind important contemporary and historical images. Students will be expected to be able to apply these new behaviors and ideas to their own work in and out of the art classroom.

The Da Vinci Academy art program is designed around the themes developed throughout the history of human kind. The PK-1 students work with children's literature as a vehicle to explore the world of art and artists.  Students in grades 2-4 study fantasy art, Native North and South American art, and North American colonial art.  Middle school students develop techniques in art criticism and life drawing skills while exploring contemporary artists, methods, and art forms as communication.  Middle school students design an individual art project to develop creativity and independent learning.

How to Help Your Child Be Successful
Please make sure your student completes all assignments, especially if they miss Art Day!