Welcome to Da Vinci Academy.  Much has happened since I became the Head of School just last year, most notably my Da Vinci Renaissance initiative.  This initiative set out to re-evaluate all facets (e.g., curriculum, teaching methodology, resources, and building needs, etc.) of the school in an effort to improve each student's unique learning experience.  Significant changes materialized beginning with the expansion of three classrooms during the summer of 2012.  Although not part of the original initiative, it proved to be the foundation for this past summer's expansion project.  This most recent project included increasing the size of classrooms in 1st and 3rd grade and all core content area classrooms in the middle school, creating dedicated art and music classrooms, and converting two classrooms into a collaboration lab for STEM classes and project work. 

These physical changes to the school now provide the needed space to support the program changes and facilitation of the curriculum within the classrooms while still maintaining a "family" environment.  After all, the focus at Da Vinci Academy is on gifted and talented students who think differently…who need (or desire) new and interesting challenges…who need to be given a variety of opportunities to learn…who need to be engaged…and who need to be given the chance to go deeper and broader into their exploration.  With these new changes, students are now provided with more opportunities to delve into the "How and Why" of content area rather than just the "What."  It also allows students who attend Da Vinci Academy an opportunity to collaborate, be creative and curious, as well as be innovative.

The program changes are not only meeting the students' academic needs and curiosity, through more authentic and relevant learning, but also helping hone important executive life skills.  These skills are necessary to succeed in a multitude of situations (academic, social, personal, etc) as they progress through each stage of their life. Supplementing the areas of each student's core learning experience is the expansion of the Arts/Performing Arts curriculum.  Now with dedicated classrooms, students are able to express themselves using various artistic venues. 

The social/emotional aspect of each student's experience has also been enhanced.  5th grade, which was part of the middle school, is now a self-contained classroom within the lower school (Grades 2-5).  The school has also strengthened its character-building efforts that put students on a path to become upstanding citizens.

With all that has happened in a very short time, the success of the school moving forward is still built on the foundation of the teachers and support staff.  Da Vinci Academy staff members are clearly dedicated to their profession and truly embrace the "family" community.  Teachers possess the ability, flexibility, and creativity to interweave academic expertise with diverse professional and personal experiences into their everyday curriculum.  While setting a high expectation level through the rigor, challenge, and pacing of the program, teachers also afford the support and confidence-building necessary for student success.  Most important, their desire to shape the whole child is prevalent on a daily basis and is demonstrated during both the in-school and after-school activities. 

Da Vinci Academy offers a unique learning environment for a unique population of children…perhaps your child.  Feel free to continue perusing our website to gather additional information, but keep in mind that a website portrays only a partial picture of what we are about.  For additional information or to schedule a family visit, please contact admissions.

Warm regards, 

Scott R. Etters
Head of School