In carrying out the goals set forth in the mission and vision of the school, the staff of Da Vinci Academy will employ in a developmentally appropriate manner various instructional methods suitable for intellectually gifted students:

Provide a challenging curriculum, appropriate for intellectually gifted students

  • Greater Curriculum Depth and Breadth
  • Acceleration (Exposing students to more complex content than would normally be afforded to students of their age)
  • Curriculum Compacting (summarizing and condensing curriculum that students can quickly master)

Create a unique and innovative educational community

  • Hands-On Activities
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Flexible Grouping
  • Utilizing Outside Resources (Speakers and Field Trips)
  • Integration between subject areas (Cross-curricular activities and lessons)
  • Mixed Age Grouping and Cross Grade Level Activities
  • Real World Applications (Authentic Learning Activities)

Employ multiple methods of instruction to address individual learning styles and abilities

  • Multiple ways for students to demonstrate knowledge
  • Differentiation of Instruction
  • Pre-assessment, Scaffolding, and Compacting
  • Process, Content, Product
  • Depth, Complexity
  • Tiered Assignments

Develop each student's strengths, interest, and potential and encourage creativity

  • Problem-Solving, Creative Thinking, and Experiential Learning
  • Encouragement of Risk-Taking in a Safe and Supportive Environment
  • Student Choice in Learning Activities

Foster personal growth, self-direction, and leadership

  • Leadership Experience and Opportunities
  • Opportunity to Render Meaningful Service to Others
  • Character Development (Ethics, Morality, and Responsibility)

In support of this instructional model, Da Vinci Academy is deeply committed to the on-going professional development of its teaching staff.

Why Choose Da Vinci

Our daughter started in Kindergarten and graduates from eighth grade this year. Da Vinci is a wonderful environment. A place for her to grow, a place for her to be mentored, a place to create friendships, and really become the academic person and child she is meant to be.